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GK's Khatirdari Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Haldwani. It was inaugurated by the 108 Sri. Nusthanand Ji of Anant Prem Ashram Rudrapur on 21st of January 2019.

It is a destination for the food lovers who look for authentic Indian cuisines, Chinese, South Indian food, continental, Burgers, Mock tails and many more. The KhatirdariRestaurant, serve the finest traditional Indian cuisine served in traditional style.

Whether planning a large dinner party or an intimate first date, choosing the right restaurant can be the biggest challenge. The word "fresh" conjures up a variety of traits, almost all of which apply to GK's Khatirdari Restaurant. Our food is delicious and the presentation is exquisite, service is impeccable and prices are just right.
The great ambiance, exceptional food and excellent service make for a remarkable dining experience at GK's Khatirdari Restaurant .

The great decorations will make your special occasion the one you will never forget! Using quality fresh ingredients, we crafted an extensive menu of traditional Indian dishes, offering everything from fresh made vegetables and meats to delicious desserts. Come and enjoy the sample menu and classic Indian delights that await you at GK's Khatirdari Restaurant .

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